Decorative Concrete

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Peak Floor Solutions offers many of the popular enhancements for concrete on the market today.  The most requested are staining (acid or water based), decorative overlays, and polished concrete.  The most important item when thinking about these different options is the current condition of the slab.  During our site visit we can determine the condition and offer the different possibilities with your concrete.  Peak Floor Solutions is an authorized Elite Crete Atlanta installation company. You can find more information on our sister website: Elite Crete Atlanta

One of the most popular enhancements that can be performed on an existing concrete surface is an overlay. They can be done in varying thicknesses depending on what type of finish you want to achieve.

We offer micro finish, trowel finish, broom finish, thin stamped overlay and stained overlay.

All of these toppings are designed to rejuvenate concrete by covering the existing surface (after proper preparation), providing consistent color and allowing for decorative treatments and finishes. It is the perfect way to even out cracked, chipped, stained and even mismatched concrete. It gives your old concrete a new life.

“Transform your concrete from an underlayment to an art piece.”

Peak Floor Solutions is proud to be a trained and authorized installer of Elitecrete Products. Visit their website for detailed product information and options:

Polished Concrete Floors

Polishing is similar to grinding and sealing in that it produces a clean raw surface initially. However, the goal is to get that clean new surface refined to a glossy finish. This is accomplished by buffing the surface with a planetary grinder using progressively finer diamond pads with each pass. This continues until the desired sheen is achieved. Gemstones are polished in a similar fashion. The highly densified finished surface is extremely stain resistant and durable  without the need for a topical sealer.

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